Our activity

The main focus of our activity is a mobile radio communications system operating in PMR standard (Private Mobile Radio).

We design devices, software and systems for radiocomunication services.

Our design team comprises of experts, working in the field for over two decades. Modern design techniques with the help of computer software such as CAD/CAM/CAE are used to deliver technical solutions for radiocommunication.

Newest technologies allowing us to design modern products are available to us through a close cooperation with technical universities based in Krakow.


The company was founded in 2000. The founders have been working in the radio communication field since 1992 and have been in the rail business since 1994. The cooperation with the Department of Eletrical Engineering, Robotics,, Computer Science and Electronics at AGH Science and Technology University in Krakow allows the use of advanced, modern solutions in our products. We are long time partners with a radiocommunications devices manufacturer Tait Electronics from New Zealand.

A long-term collaboration with the users of railway networks and an extensive experience results in good knowledge of the field of radio communications in polish state railway. Our products are the results of experiences gained in designing and applying modern solutions in radio communications.