eDSR/DSR Koliber

Remotely controlled radio systems eDSR/DSR Koliber

Remotely controlled radio system eDSR Koliber

Created for operation alongside railway lines, our remotely controllable radio system eDSR Koliber is commonly used in Poland, in accordance with Polish State Railway management. A dispatcher from Local Control Centre (LCS) can use the radio to freely communicate with every rail vehicle, as long as it operates within the eDSR Koliber radio range.

eDSR Koliber offers a two-way radio voice and data communication with all the trains operating on a line within a range of the radio system infrastructure. Digital transmission interface offers high audio quality, reliability and easy integration with other telecommunication systems. The eDSR Koliber is a new generation of the DSR Koliber system developed 10 years ago by Radionika and perfected ever since. The system has been implemented in more than 2000 railway lines in Poland.

eDSR Koliber is the most advanced technical solution of this kind available on the polish market. It is commonly used on reconstructed and upgraded traffic railway lines.

Basic technical and operational functionality:

‣      Remote control of the system infrastructure from one local,
       computer-supported site.
‣      Radio base stations controllable in local and remote modes.
‣      Flexible construction allows easy adjustment within the system’s
       configuration (size, no. of base stations or despatchers, etc.)
       according to user’s needs.
‣      System elements connected and controllable via digital Ethernet
‣      Complete subscriber and user identification.
‣      Remote and up-to-date diagnostic and monitoring of the
       system status. 
‣      Voice and log registration system implemented (data stored
       locally and in the central unit).
‣      Compact construction and low energy consumption guarantee
       low usage costs.
‣      System enables operation in VHF and DMR mode.