Dual-mode train radio terminals Koliber GSM-R/VHF

Dual-mode train radio terminal type Koliber GSM-R/VHF rack 19"

Koliber GSM-R/VHF rack 19” loco terminal is a modern radio-communication unit designed for railway radio nets offering voice and data communication in various standards of operation: GSM-R digital, VHF (UHF) analog and digital (DMR), GSM digital.                                     

Analog mode of operation in VHF (optional UHF) band:              

‣      Frequency band VHF 132-174 MHz (optional 400-470 MHz).
‣      Two-way voice radio-communication.
‣      Data transmission 1200/2400 bps.
‣      Sellcall, Radio-Stop function compliant to the Polish State
       Railway standard.
‣      Subscriber identification, user authorization, controlled
       access to service mode.
‣      Graphical user interface.
‣      Available data interfaces: RS232, RS422, USB, Ethernet.
‣      Voice & log recorder (“black-box” module).
‣      Extended acoustic and visual signalling features.

Digital GSM-R mode of operation:

‣      Frequency band: GSM-R/EGSM-R/EGSM 900/GSM1800/GSM 1900.
‣      Voice group calls VGCS, broadcast calls VBS.
‣      Alarm calls REC.
‣      Multi-level propriety connections (eMLPP).
‣      Functional numbers service FN, PFN.
‣      Voice & log recorder (“black-box” module).
‣      Graphical user interface.

Technical parameters:

‣      Wide voltage input range: 15-220 V DC.
‣      Operating temperature range: -25°C to +70°C.
‣      MMI construction according IP54 spec.
‣      GPS module in standard.
‣      “black-box” module in standard.
‣      Easy and effective installation in 19”rack housing, ergonomic
       construction, low space demands for dual-mode operation.